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Insurance Approved
As an approved vendor with every major insurance provider, we network directly with your insurance to provide you with the highest quality parts and workmanship at No Out of Pocket Cost.
Free Mobile Service
To increase ease of access, we provide a free mobile service on any windshield replacement service. We cover the entire Metro Phoenix Valley, with convenient appointment times.
Help raise funds for programs which are important to you. Your patronage will result in a $100 donation to your beneficiary program of choice for any insurance approved windshield replacement service.
  1. Insurance Standards
    Auto Glass is classified as "Safety Equipment" because of the many functions of the windshield. Other examples of safety equipment include headlights, taillights, mirrors, seat belts, and airbags.
  2. Manufacturer Facts
    Windshield is responsible for keeping the roof from collapsing in a roll-over crash, as well as allowing airbags to cushion in the correct place upon deployment.
  3. Certified Technicians
    Stayshons is an active member of the AGRSS in good standing. We hire only the best technicians, who carry nationally recognized certifications for workmanship and safety.
  4. Lifetime Warranty
    We offer lifetime warranty on the workmanship of every windshield we replace. This protects against air leaks, water leaks, faulty seals, and other pitfalls other glass companies fall short on.
Auto Glass Laws
A Glance at Relevant Auto Glass Legislature

     Arizona is the #1 State for Auto Glass Claims of cracked or damaged windshields. The average Arizona resident can go through up to 3 windshields per year!

     Damaged windshields is such an epidemic issue that Arizona legislation has made it illegal to drive without and adequate windshield (ARS28-957.01{a}). This means that driving with a damaged or cracked windshield can get you pulled over, earn a traffic ticket, and incurr fines.

     Many factors can cause damage to yuor windshield; from rocks being thrown on the road, to hail, or extreme temperature fluctuations. The constant exposure to these natural elements is the reason why Arizona law states that an Auto Glass Claim, not to the fault of the Driver, shall be deemed a "No Fault Claim" and shall not raise policy rates (ARS 20-263).

     Airzona is one of the few States which requires Auto Insurance Companies to offer a seperate waiver for Auto Glass Coverage, as part of a Comprehensive Policy (ARS 20-264).